Local Reaction to Roy Moore Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A month away from the election for U.S. Senate and sexual misconduct allegations hit national headlines. Staunch conservative Roy Moore is accused of groping young women.

“It frustrates me. I know why they are doing this. This is exactly the kind of scandal people want to see and it’s the best way to put down a Republican candidate right now. But they’ve got the wrong man. They can’t do that to somebody that doesn’t act that way,” said Laura Glidewell.

Glidewell spent six months interning at the Foundation for Moral Law, which Roy Moore founded and she would see him regularly.

“He is just a fun guy. He has a very lovable, charming nature and wonderful to work around. And one of the most godly men I’ve ever seen,” said Glidewell.

And others that worked there say the same thing.

“He has always shown me respect. He has always shown anyone in the office respect, especially any women who have come through,” said Jessie Deem, executive assistant at the Foundation for Moral Law.

In fact, Deem says she saw the headline and didn’t want to read the article.

“I see him as a second father. He and Kayla are like family.”

Political analyst Steve Flowers says Moore supporters will remain loyal.

“Perception is reality in politics, and the perception among Roy Moore supporters will be that it was a scandalous Washington Post-driven, liberal-driven allegation story that has no validity. And in my political opinion, it has no effect on the election,” said Flowers.



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