Veterans Honored with Celebration at Riverwalk Stadium

It’s a day set aside to honor men and women who have worn the uniform and bravely fought for our country.

“It’s so important for us to raise our children with a respect and an appreciation for the United States military and those who have served,” Rep. Martha Roby told the crowd.

“Anytime you can thank a veteran for what he has done for you, it goes to his heart,” said Vietnam Veterans of America President David Payne.

The military flags were presented along with music from the 151st Army Band.

The keynote speaker, Central Alabama VA Director Linda Boyle, stressed the importance of getting veterans the help they need when returning from combat.

“I need you to be able to recognize suicidal thoughts and gestures and get these people with whom you interact, the care that they need,” said Boyle.

Mayor Todd Strange also presented Pearl Harbor survivor, 93-year-old Marine Master Sgt. Tommy Davis with the keys to the city.

The mayor says he hopes the gathering at Riverwalk Stadium will be a tradition that will continue.

“This was an opportunity to have them interacting, for us to come together with this event for not only veterans but our community,” said Strange.

It was a  celebration of every service member past and present.

“God bless all who have joined the military, worn the uniform and we salute you when we say… Let freedom ring! Freedom ring! Freedom ring!” Mayor Strange told the crowd.


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