Butler County Sheriff’s Office Holds Prescription Drug Take Back

More than 22 pounds of pills have been collected among the three Take Backs held this year in Butler County

With opioid abuse on the rise, preventing more tragedies is a mission of many law enforcement agencies. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is no exception and they are doing their part to stop prescription drug abuse.

A steady stream of people came to the Butler County Courthouse Tuesday to clean out their medicine cabinets.

“Alabama is ranked pretty high in opioid abuse, so it just kind of gives you a chance to get those medications and those unused medications out of your house,” said Kristin Johns of SpectraCare Health Systems.

SpectraCare officials were on hand to accept all prescription pills without question.  Johns says medications are logged and information is kept confidential.

“We mark out all of their information and we separate the pills from the bottles. At the end of the day the Sheriff takes the medications and he destroys them.”

Take-backs like these reflect a simple concept — if the drugs aren’t in the house, no one can abuse them.

“You really don’t want those medications just hanging out at the house because they can get into the wrong hands.”

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden says take-backs help combat crime.

“We have people who are on medication, pain medication, and neighbors get to know about it and they’ll actually break in and steal it,” said Sheriff Harden.

He says the benefits of disposing unneeded medicine are two-fold.

“It also will cut down on the opportunity of a child getting a hold of the medication and having an overdose.”

Johns, meanwhile, emphasizes that turning medicines into police is the best way to get rid of them.

“This is the preferred way to dispose of your medications. The EPA doesn’t recommend that you put it down the toilet or throw it away or anything like that.”

In the last three Prescription Drug Take Backs combined, more than 22 pounds of pills have been collected by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.  The Sheriff’s Office says they’ll host another take back event in the Spring.


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