Golden Apple: Terrence Vaughn

Our Golden Apple Award Winner this week comes from the Montgomery Public School System. In his 14th year of teaching physical education, Coach Terrence Vaughn, at Brewbaker Intermediate School, wants to lay the foundation for good health, which will benefit his students through their entire life.  

“We go over this words like obesity and diabetes, and kids now understand that if I am not physically fit, I can now pass away from this. That shows the kids a lot, they are like hey, I need to stay physically fit in order to have a good life or to be able to do what I want when I get older,” says Vaughn.

Congratulations Coach Vaughn! If you know of a great educator we should recognize, you can nominate them by going to our website, Alabama News dot Net, click on the “Golden Apple” banner and fill out the nomination form.

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