Opening Date Set for National Memorial for Peace and Justice

We now know the opening date for the highly anticipated National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery.  The Equal Justice Initiative tells Alabama News Network the memorial will open April 26th of next year.
Just blocks away from Five Points and Cottage Hill the National Memorial for Peace and Justice is starting to take shape.  The memorial will acknowledge lynchings throughout history.
“Over 800 monuments that will represent over 800 counties where we’ve documented over 4,000 lynchings across 20 states,” explained Jonathan Kubakundimana with the Equal Justice Initiative.
Kubakundimana expects the opening week to bring people to Montgomery from all over the world.  He says numbers are expected to be in the thousands.
“Folks will be able to hear from our staff who have played a very central role in a lot of the research that we’ve been doing, a number of our partners will also be present,” he shared.
When it comes to why Montgomery was chosen as the home for the memorial, he says it comes down to the role the city played in the history of slavery.
“By 1860 there were over 400,000 enslaved Africans in this state and most of them passed through the city of Montgomery,” he added.
For more information on The National Memorial for Peace and Justice click here.
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