Golden Apple: Victor Crowell

Our Golden Apple Award Winner this week comes from the Montgomery Public School System. With 18 years of teaching experience, Physical Education teacher Victor Crowell, at Dalraida Elementary School, is described as having a lasting importance on his students health, confidence and motivation. 

“It is hard to motivate them, but like I say, you just have to find their interest. You have to get on their level and find their interest, and you got to be consistent. Goal setting is very important. I let them set their goals and then I kinda monitor their goals, but everything we do we have goals, and I think that is very important,” says Crowell.

Congratulations Mr. Crowell! If you know of a great educator we should recognize, you can nominate them by going to our website, Alabama News dot Net, click on the “Golden Apple” banner and fill out the nomination form.

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