Longtime Montgomery Christmas Tradition Comes to an End

A Montgomery Christmas tradition is coming to an end.  Many have made the Dalraida Christmas home a part of your family tradition, but the homeowners have decided to not put up their lights and decorations up this year.


“Bittersweet exactly, it’s mixed feelings,” explained homeowner Carmen Gemette.

The months leading up to Christmas are usually very busy for 71-year-old Gemette.  For close to 30 years, he’s turned his home into a winter wonderland like no other.  Now he’s ready to do something a little different.

“By doing something different, I mean enjoy Christmas myself, move around, I never get to go look at Christmas lights because I’m always stuck right here, not really stuck because I enjoyed it,” Gemette added.

Neighbors, who’ve lived just down the street from the winter wonderland say it will truly be missed.

“I’m very sad to see that because everybody always enjoyed it so,” shared Janet Boyd.

Gemette hopes his thousands of lights and decorations will live long past him flipping the switch one last time.

“If you could do something that will last forever in your heart, knowing that you have done something that was worth doing, it gives you a really really good feeling,” he said.


When asked about bringing the decorations back in the future, Gemette said “I never say never.”  For now he plans to spend his newly found free time fishing.

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