Young Boys Suspected In Investigation Of An Abused Puppy

A puppy is recovering from severe injuries, and authorities are now trying to find the kids they say could be responsible.

The puppy has been named “Love” by a woman who says she found him near a bank in Montgomery being abused by two young boys. The roughly 5-month-old lab mix, who has gained lots of attention on social media, after a woman reports she saw the small pup being abused by two kids, between the ages of 8 and 10.

Love, is being treated for a broken leg, and several other medical conditions including pneumonia, staff infection and severe mange.  Despite the long recovery ahead, Dr. Benefield of the Carmichael Road animal clinic,  says the pup’s condition continues to improve. “Even though he looks sad right now he was a lot sadder Sunday, and he hadn’t eaten in a while. He eats everything we give home now” he explained.

As for the juveniles, believed to be responsible for Love’s broken leg, Steven Tears with the Montgomery Humane Society says an investigation is underway to ID the two.

“I think we need to teach them something. Let’s not make them better criminals, let’s educate them. Maybe get them into the shelter and let them be in the spotlight for the bad things they did and let’s get them in here and teach them to take care of animals instead of hurt them “.

Tears says investigators are working to obtain video footage from outside of the bank where Love was found, to ID the kids believed to be involved. If you’d like to donate to Love’s care through the Humane Society you can call the shelter at 334-409-0622 and specify that you’d like to donate to Love, or donate online here.


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