Job Marking Looking Up for College Grads

For many soon to be college grads, the future could be bright as many states’ unemployment rates have fallen.

“After the great recession in 2008, a lot of positions-even entry level were going to people that had a lot of experience because there just weren’t a lot of jobs out in the market,” says Lauren Cole, Coordinator of Troy University’s Career Services.

With so many people competing for entry level jobs, some Troy University seniors have decided to head to grad school instead of the workforce.

“In my personal opinion. I think it would be a bit difficult because of the amount of people that have bachelor degrees so what I’m trying to do is go to graduate school and get something that will set me apart from everybody else,” says Tobias Postell.

“I’m thankful that I don’t have to search and look but for my peers I think the job market-since the baby boomers are getting older and some of them are dying off sadly-I think it might be kind of easy for us to find a job,” says Kiawanna Clark.

Troy University Officials say, there are some majors that could see opportunities quickly after graduation.

“Some of the strongest markets we’ve seen are affiliated with STEM, which is science and technology and math. A lot of those. Computer science are really going into top jobs. Nursing is always a strong area,” says Cole.

With a strong job market, the outlook could be very positive for grads.

“Now that the number of jobs have grown we’re seeing a lot more entry level jobs out there,” says Cole.

Earlier this month, Governor Kay Ivey announce that Alabama’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.6 percent.

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