Lowndes County School Tax Renewal Vote on Dec. 12th

25 Year Property Tax Due to Expire.


Like people in the rest of Alabama, residents of Lowndes County will vote for an Alabama U.S. Senator on December 12th.
But they’ll also vote on the proposed renewal of three property tax measures equaling seven mills of tax. That’s about seven dollars in tax for every thousand dollars of  property’s value.

Daniel Boyd, Lowndes County Superintendent


Those taxes must be renewed every 25 years….and they are about to expire. County School Superintendent Doctor Daniel Boyd urges Lowndes County residents to vote yes on continuing the taxes. Even the headmaster of the private Lowndes Academy—Darrell Self— says he supports renewing the taxes because he supports education.

The seven mills of property tax bring in about 770-thousand dollars for Lowndes County Public Schools. Boyd says the loss of that income would cripple the school system.

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