Sunday Alcohol Sales to Begin in Troy

In October, 73 percent of Troy residents voted in favor of Sunday alcohol sales.
For businesses like B-Graves in Troy, the new move is something they have been waiting for, for quite some time.
“One of the things that was a deciding factor in us deciding to open in Troy was the potential of there being-us being able to sell alcohol on Sunday,” says Seth Roberts.
Businesses can start selling alcohol at 12 pm on Sunday. That’s with the exception of bars. They can start at 2 pm on Sunday until 10 pm.  Seth Roberts of  B-Graves says it’s a plus for the city of Troy.
“It’s a very common question, especially from out of town people that aren’t familiar a lot of the crowds that come in for football games, we’ll get a lot revenue from that,” says Roberts.
Right now, the Pike County Commission is also considering Sunday alcohol sales to include businesses outside of Troy city limits.
Officials say bars can operate until 10 pm except on New Year’s Eve, New Near’s day and the Fourth of July. The first exception would be this calendar year because New Years Eve falls on Sunday, so those bars that are open at two can stay open until the next year.

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