Greenville Elementary Getting Superhero Makeover

New beautification project has school pride growing by leaps and bounds

Superheroes are leaping off comic books and onto the walls at Greenville Elementary.

“I really wanted to give these kids something crazy over the top,” said Debra Strycker who is spearheading the much-needed school beautification project. “It had just been dilapidated. Had been band-aided over and painted again and again and again.”

Spiderman to Wonderwoman, new artwork is starting to replace the dilapidated walls of halls and bathrooms.

“Some of the worst bathrooms in our county are going to be the coolest, the funnest, the hippest,” said Strycker.

North Carolina-based comic book artist Charles Drake is inspiring the new look.

“Being able to bring a little art and inspiration to the kids means the world,” said Drake.

It’s not only a makeover.  It’s also helping bring arts education back into the school.

“I know when I was younger, I wish I would have someone to do something like this for me and let me know that being an artist is a real career path you can take,” said Drake.

“It’s turned into beautifying our school, but also making our children aware of a possible career later on in life,” said Kent McNaughton, Principal at Greenville Elementary.

A score of volunteers are working to finish the school’s transformation by next summer. A labor of love inspiring children to dream big.

“Our kids deserve nice things.”. said Strycker. “They deserve great things and we’re going to make sure they have every opportunity we can give them.”

In honor of the school’s transformation, each of Butler County’s three city mayors declared December 4th as Superhero Day.

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