Moore Leads One Week Before Senate Race

The race for U.S. Senate enters the home stretch.
Political analyst Steve Flowers says while Roy Moore may not be the most liked candidate, his supporters are the most likely to vote.

“Thirty percent will vote for Roy Moore come hell or high water. But 70 percent are not going to vote for him. But what happens is his voters are older, more ardent, more evangelical, and more likely to vote than someone who is in the 70 percent group,” said Flowers.

The national Republican establishment was not originally behind Moore along with other prominent officials.
But the Republican National Committee has put their support behind Moore along with the President.

“The reason the national Republican establishment did not want him to be the Republican senator or candidate is because they will use his caricature, especially that picture of him in his cowboy vest and cowboy hat and pistols,” said Flowers.

As for write-ins, those candidates would have to receive at least one percent of the vote to even be counted.
But flowers says it could impact the race.

“I think any write-in vote is probably a disenchanted Republican that is not going to vote for Roy Moore. So that vote comes off of Roy Moore and if indeed there is a high turnout among the base of the Democratic party, and upscale younger voters in urban areas of the state that vote against Roy Moore, if that occurs, and it is a close race next Tuesday, those write-in votes could be the difference,” said Flowers.




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