Montgomery to Change Downtown Alcohol Policy on January 1

Montgomery city leaders announced this morning that they will be changing their policy which has allowed people to walk around in public with open containers of alcohol in the downtown entertainment district.

Starting January 1, that will no longer be allowed. In a statement, the city acknowledged that the downtown entertainment ordinance, established in 2012, had drawn customers downtown and energized businesses.

But the statement says that after a number of meetings in recent months with downtown business owners, residents, public safety leadership and the City Council to evaluate how best to accommodate continued growth throughout the downtown area, Mayor Todd Strange with concurrence of the Chief of Police and District 3 City Councilman Tracy Larkin announced the change that will prevent people from walking around with alcoholic drinks.

“This measure is an effort to do all we can to ensure a safe, wholesome environment for all Montgomery citizens, including the business community that has made significant investments in the downtown area,” Councilman Larkin said.

The city says restaurant and bar patrons will still be able to drink alcohol in outdoor seating areas at venues that hold the proper liquor licenses.  But customers will not be allowed to leave those venues with an alcoholic beverage.

The change in policy will not affect the Cloverdale Entertainment Districts.

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