Sheriff’s Office Receives Opioid Antidote Kits

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office now has access to a lifesaving opioid antidote.  They’re receiving Naloxone kits from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

District Attorney Daryl Bailey says that around 700 people died from drug overdoses in Alabama in 2015, and now law enforcement officers are at risk for exposure to drugs, like Fentanyl, that can do them harm.   The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has received 2 Naloxone kits so far and the District Attorney has requested two more.

These kits cost between 3 and 4 thousand dollars each.  Naloxone is an antidote that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.   Officials say law enforcement officers can be exposed to these harmful drugs while responding to calls.

“I’ve chosen the sheriff’s office to deliver these kits to because they work in the rural parts of the county, access to an antidote could be 30 minutes to an hour away,” explained District Attorney Daryl Bailey.

“All it takes is just a little crumb, of Fentanyl that can really change the life of a first responder so for us to be able to have these kits readily available it means a lot for us in law enforcement,” shared Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham.

There are two types of these kits, one can be injected in the thigh, the other through the nostrils.  Sheriff Cunningham says so far the sheriff’s office has not had any close calls. Over 70 deputies have been trained to use the kits.

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