Bullock County Probate Judge Speaks on Marked Sample Ballots Issue

A discovery of sample ballots, marked for Democratic candidate Doug Jones has sparked concern in the Bullock County Probate Judge office where the ballots were found.

“It was brought to my attention and we took swift and immediate action to rectify the situation,” says Judge James Tatum.

Tatum says Secretary of State John Merrill alerted him about the issue which Tatum was unaware of at the time.

“We have a high volume of traffic throughout the day in this office because it’s a public office and people tend to leave different fliers and we try to police that as best we can,” says Tatum.

Earlier this week, the Moore Campaign released a statement for Merrill to investigate voter fraud, while mentioning the incident in Bullock County.

“I take issue with the voter fraud allegations because it’s a sample ballot. it was marked ballot that was left by someone,” says Tatum.

tatum says it is unclear why someone would mark the ballots…or when it happened but he wants to make sure this is the last time it happens.

“i might not allow or probably will not allow anymore campaign material to be left in this office other than unmarked sample ballots that come from the state of Alabama.”

He says, it is something that he and his staff do not stand for.

“The highest of anything unethical is not happening here in Bullock County,” says Tatum.

The Alabama Senate election is set for Tuesday, December 12th.

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