Greenville PD Says Stay Alert for Counterfeit Bills

Counterfeit $20 and $100 bills circulating around Camellia City

The Greenville Police Department is warning holiday shoppers about counterfeit money.

Recently, counterfeit $20 and $100 bills have been circulating around the Camellia City. These bills have “For Motion Picture Use Only” or “Motion Picture Purposes” written in large letters.

The bills are used as props for movies and/or television shows. A small amount of the money was accepted by local businesses in the Greenville area and caught by banks. The banks have turned over all counterfeit bills to the Secret Service.

Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn says these particular fake bills are easy to spot, but some other counterfeits like “whitewashed” bills are not.

He advises holiday shoppers to stop, pay attention and take an extra look at the cash they handle using an easy technique.

“Get a little flashlight or something like that and hold it up to the back of the bill and scan the bill with that flashlight,” said Chief Lovvorn. “You’ll see a strip, it’s a real thin strip in that money, and every bill has it. Usually it list the denomination of the bill. It will say 5 on it or 100 or 20 or whatever the bill is and you can easily make that out using a light source. Once you find it, you just run it up and down that strip and you can read the denomination on it and what bill it should be.”

Greenville Police say if you come across any counterfeit bills, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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