Troy Fans Tune into New Orleans Bowl Game

The Troy Trojans are celebrating their 50-30 victory over the North Texas Mean Green. We spoke to fans that couldn’t make it to the game but watched in Troy.

“I think we’re all as a community, glad to see Troy back in winning phase. We support Neal Brown and everything they’re trying to do with the university,” says Josh Filiaut.

“It’s a great opportunity for those of us who weren’t able to attend the game in person. We can come here and in a good friendly environment, celebrate my mom’s birthday and enjoy some good Trojan football,” says Shawn Penn.

Fans were especially excited because saturday’s new orleans bowl game was the first for the Trojans since 2010.

“It’s really cool to see what Neal Brown has done with the program. I think he has done a really, really good job of turning it around. I think it’s been really fun to watch and exciting and I think he’s brought a whole new personality to the program,” says Jacob Guillorry.

“I’m from kansas and it’s even on television there. So I think it’s very big deal. It’s very exciting. I wish I was there personally,” says Ashley McDonald.

The Trojans were 10-2 before going into the New Orleans Bowl. Fans say they are impressed by the team this season.

“I haven’t kept up as much as I should being a Troy graduate but I understand that we won the sunbelt. We’ve been on a good roll after a few years ago of a little bit of down time but proud to be Trojan,”says Penn.

The Trojans finish the season 11-2.


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