Future of All Kids Insurance Program in Jeopardy

Doctor Elizabeth Dawson of Charles Henderson Child Health Center, is just one of many people concerned about the future of the All Kids Program.

“We have about 270 patients just in our clinic here who have all kids coverage so those folks over the next couple of months are going to be facing using their benefits,” says Dawson.

The program serves children under the age of 19 in Alabama. But starting January 1st, the program will not accept new enrollments. For children already enrolled in the program, a lack of funding could end the program completely by February 1st.

“Imagine going into Christmas not knowing if your family isn’t going to health insurance coming January 1st or February 1st,” says Dawson.

Dr. Dawson says it is very concerning for newborns.

“If you’re born without healthcare insurance if you have a neonatal intensive care unit stay that’s a huge bill,” says Dawson.

That’s why she is hoping people call on their state lawmakers for help.

“I think it will likely be funded but the problem is that this January 1st deadline is looming over us and we’re going to have people start losing health insurance very soon.”

She says very family deserves to know if they are going to have coverage.

If you are looking for other options for children’s health insurance you are asked to visit HealthCare.gov to apply for insurance at the Health Insurance Marketplace.


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