Hwashin America to Expand

Major supplier of Hyundai announces plans for multi-million dollar expansion in Butler County

Hwashin America will undergo a $23 million project line expansion at its Greenville facility.

The expansion will create approximately one hundred new jobs. That’s in addition to the 800 people already employed at the plant.

The City of Greenville is granting a tax abatement to aid in construction-related expenses.

Mayor Dexter McLendon says the expansion will have a tremendous impact on the county’s school system.

“So when you get a 23 million dollar every year tax on that, that goes to the school system,” said Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon. “So, they’re percentage of mill tax will go to the school system, So that helps our school system to be able to have more income which they need.”

Earlier this year, another Greenville automotive supplier — Key Safety Restraint Systems — announced a $3 million expansion and the creation of 25 new jobs.

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