Protecting Your Holiday Haul From Thieves

Law enforcement issues a warning to all holiday gift recipients out there: be careful what you put in your trash

The aftermath of Christmas  sits on the curbs of many homes across Montgomery.

Turns out, the boxes from your pricey presents can make you a target, and your trash could become a treasure for wannabe, drive-by thieves.

“You start looking at criminals, they’re looking for the opportunity,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham. “When they drive by your house, they see that new TV set box, they see those component system box, the new Game Boys, Xboxes.”

Sheriff Cunningham says discarded new television boxes pose the biggest risk for homeowners.  That’s closely followed by boxes for gaming systems like PlayStation or new computers. He says your best bet is to break down those boxes, making sure labels aren’t in plain sight.

“We try to tell people to crush those boxes up. Cut them up, put them in trash recepticals where nobody can see them. Or, keep them in your house until the day that the trash man runs.”

That way, he says, you’re not alerting thieves to the brand new big-ticket items inside your home.

“It behooves people that get new merchandise to go ahead and dispose of those boxes the correct way,” he said.

Sheriff Cunningham also says cardboard boxes aren’t the only items to keep hidden.

“You’re looking at bicycles that kids may leave out in the yard, scooters.”

He says even though the Sheriff’s Department will be patrolling neighborhoods, Cunningham suggests storing those valuables underneath your home or putting them in the backyard.

“Don’t leave it on display in your front,” he said.

Good advice to keep the Grinch away… and keep enjoying the holiday cheer.

Sheriff Cunningham says it’s also a good idea to never put old TVs, computers or laptops out by the curb. Instead, he recommends turning those old items into recycling centers and businesses around town.

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