Popular Radio Hosts Leaving MIX 103.3 Morning Show After More than a Decade

JT & Leanne have been a fixture on morning radio in the River Region since 2006

Their voices have brought morning laughter to Montgomery for more than a decade.

Radio personalities Jamie (better known as “JT”) and Leanne Thompson have hosted Mix 103.3’s “Married with Microphones” since 2006.

“Nobody thought it would work, but it did,” said Leanne.

The couple has managed to balance career, marriage and three kids. They’ve not just survived — they’ve thrived.

“It’s kinda like free marriage counseling every single day because you have to make it work,” joked JT.

But they say the time has come to move on. JT and Leanne are leaving the studio they’ve called home for 12 years.

The couple will now be handling the radio and TV campaigns for EXIT Realty across North America. They also plan to continue operating their advertising agency, as well as hosting the River Region TV show.

Their voices will be missed by their tens of thousands of listeners, who followed them as they blended pop music with quirky tidbits from their personal lives.

“Sometimes getting up and going to work really is extremely difficult for some people, so we always tried to be fun,” said Leanne.

As they get ready to hang up the mics, JT and Leanne say they’re grateful for their time on-air.

“Just want to thank everybody in Montgomery for the years of support they’ve given us,” said JT.

And they still welcome the chance to chat with listeners.

“We’re going to be here,” said Leanne. “So when you still see JT and Leanne in Wal-Mart, please speak. We want to say hi to you.”

JT and Leanne will broadcast their final “Married with Microphones” show Friday at 5:30 AM. They plan to share several of their “best of” moments and memories. Some special guests, as well as their three daughters, will also appear on the final show.

Paul Horton will take over as MIX 103.3’s Program Director and Morning Show Host starting January 2nd.  JT and Leanne say they will still fill in from time to time as well.

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