Alabama Sees Significant Increase in Flu Cases

The flu is something that many people may not take seriously, but doctors say they should.  Doctors at Troy Regional Medical Center are already seeing a high number of patients as are doctors across the state.

“The trend has started. It usually starts and trickles and then peaks-probably within march and then it will trickle off again,” says Dr. Jeff Almond.

That’s just one reason why doctors urge everyone to get an annual flu shot.

“It will give you protection against 70 percent of the strains of the influenza virus. Most people it’s a very limited infection-maybe a cough, cold body aches but in a select few it can be a very serious infection,” says Almond.

If you suspect that you have the flu, doctors say it only takes a few minutes of test taking to find out based on your symptoms.

“Cough, cold, chills, body aches. If they know that they been around the flu or been exposed to it. A lot of people come in and their children have or their brothers of sisters have it so when have to test them,” says Keshia Wilson, an registered nurse at Troy Regional Medical Center.

Doctors say, it’s important to never wait to too late when it comes to flu because it can turn deadly.

“The medication that is primarily used for treatment of flu is called Tamiflu and it is only effective if you capture the infection within the first 48 hours, after that it usually does not work very well,” says Almond.

If you haven’t already had a flu shot, doctors say it is not too late to get one.

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