Farmers Keeping Animal Warm During Brutally Cold Temperatures

Brutally cold temperatures have farmers, keeping a closer eye on their animals safety.

Jesse Wheeler, is making sure these cows and chickens have everything they need to brave the winter temperatures. He says the process is pretty simple.

“The main thing is keeping them fed good. Feed them next to the woods where it can knock the north wind off of them or down under a hill,” says Wheeler.

For thousands of his chickens, he makes sure each house is well insulated with plenty of gas to help keep them warm.

Right now, they are taking a lot of gas because they are not but nine days old,” says Wheeler.

Wheeler says feed for the cows is critical as it is what keeps them warm at night. he says without these steps there are consequences.

“You won’t get the weight on them like you need and then your feed conversion-it will take more feed to do what you’re supposed to do,” says Wheeler.

Farmers say it’s also important to keep plenty of blankets and hay for animals to keep warm.


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