Fans Weigh In On All-SEC National Championship Game

Critics say the All-SEC match-up is a call to overhaul the College Football Playoffs

This year’s college football National Championship Game is  football heaven for SEC fans.

Monday night millions will watch the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs battle on the gridiron.

That power, Auburn fan Michael Broadway says, is found in strength of schedule.

“I think every week is sort of a playoff game, you know you eliminate yourself, but I don’t think all the conferences play the toughest schedule like the SEC does,” said Broadway.

This isn’t the first All-SEC Championship Game. Alabama defeated LSU for the BCS title back in 2012 which many say led to the creation of the current playoff system.

“I think it’s a better system than it was but obviously nothing’s perfect,” said Bama fan Keary Foster.

Foster also says having two teams from the same conference doesn’t hurt the game’s validity.

“I think the way things ended out this year, I think they got it right,” he said.

Other fans say it could use some tweaking.

“It could stand maybe two more teams maybe, you know go six teams you know because you’ve got people outside looking in,” said Mark Evans.

“I think we could add a few more teams,” said Greg McBee. “Instead of four maybe go to six or eight.”

The all-SEC finale assures the SEC of another national title – the second crown in the four seasons since the College Football Playoff started.

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