Greenville Police Crack Down on Car Break-ins

Authorities urge public to stay vigilant in protecting property

Greenville Police are cracking down on a new wave of criminal activity.

“It’s become very popular with criminals now to go out and get in groups or even individuals and go in just random areas and start checking car doors either late at night or sometimes even during the day,” said Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn.

Chief Lovvorn says the department received eight reported vehicle break-in’s over the holidays.

“It’s becoming a real problem,” he said.

Lovvorn says the thefts occurred at homes and in a hotel parking lot. Among the stolen items — firearms and hunting rifles.

“Very important to get off the streets so it wouldn’t cause anyone else harm,” Lovvron said.

Lovvorn says good ole fashioned police work led to two arrests.
Two eighteen year olds have been charged with the crime.

“Investigators went out and did a really good job of processing the evidence and using the evidence they found,” he said.

But still, police urge people to be on guard — to lock up their cars and keep valuables out of sight.

Above all else, Lovvorn says if you see something, say something.

“That’s one way to help deter crime in your area is by keeping a check on each other,” said Lovvorn. “If you see something unusual, let us know so we can get out there and deal with it.”

Greenville Police say they’ve been able to recover the items that were stolen and have returned them to their owners.

If you spot any suspicious activity, you can call Greenville Police at 334-382-7461.

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