Mayor Todd Strange Speaks Out on Montgomery Public Schools

When it comes to a dynamic school system, Mayor Todd Strange says it all starts with school board members.

“The board should approve the policies, approve the budget – a balanced budget, hire a good superintendent and then get out of the way and let that superintendent do the work. Always there to help the superintendent. That’s what boards do,” says Strange.

Those are just a few reasons why he is striving to get the community involved, recruiting potential board member candidates to run for the five seats up for election.

“Really just leaving it up to the business community and the young professionals and the younger people to do something expressing as to why they would like to be involved,” says Strange.

For Kerry and Dawn Owens, the effort is vital. They took their kids out of Montgomery Public Schools due to their frustrations.

“We just did not feel confident in what they were learning. We also had some issues with their safety when my son transitioned to middle school so we decided it would be in our best interest as a family to look for another option,” says Dawn Owens.

But that is not stopping them from committing to help improve the system.

“We understand the fact that not all parents have the ability to do so and therefore we also want to continue to invest into the community,” says Kerry Owens.

Other parents have the same goal in mind, hoping for a shift and change.

“My husband and I are very interested in the possibility of sending our kids to public schools. But the way the system is now, we don’t see that as a realistic possibility,” says Bethany Garth.

Mayor Strange, says that change starts now and he is not counting out the current board.

“We’re very hopeful that the board we have right now-the existing board with the collaboration of the intervention will begin to do some of the things that perhaps haven’t been done over the last 10 years,” says Strange.

Qualifying for the elections ends February 9th at 5 pm.

If you’re interested in learning what it takes to serve as a board member for Montgomery Public Schools, you can visit

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