Friendship Mission among Montgomery Shelters Bracing for Arctic Blast

Friendship Mission Shelter is one of Montgomery's designated hot-spots

The return of colder weather this week has area homeless shelters preparing for large crowds — and the different needs that brings.

For Clarence McDuffie, the Men’s Shelter at Montgomery’s Friendship Mission West is a special place.

“It’s like a haven or a sanctuary,” said McDuffie.

He says it can be a lifesaver for those like him who may have nowhere else to go when freezing weather hits.

“An opportunity to get out of the cold and to avoid hypothermia,” he said.

Friendship Mission West houses about 50 men each night, including veterans.  They feed well over 100 people two meals a day.

“We assist by letting people come in and spend the night, take showers,” said shelter night manager Ronald Smith. “If we have clothes, we give them clothes. If we have socks, we give them socks.”

Smith expects a high volume of guests this week. He says donations like cups, plates and cleaning supplies go a long way.

“We can also use washing powder, we can also use sheets,” he said.

With the flu going around, hygiene kits are also needed according to Smith.

And as the mercury drops, these extra supplies can make a world of difference in helping keep clients like McDuffie warm.

“The Bible tells us that we are supposed to help our brothers and sisters and that’s what Friendship does,” said Smith.

If you’d like to make supply donations to Friendship Mission, below is their contact information:

Friendship Mission West (Men’s Shelter):
3561 Mobile Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36108
(334) 281-2395

Friendship Mission North (Women & Children’s Shelter):
312 Chisholm St, Montgomery, AL 36110
(334) 356-6412

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