Warming Stations Offering Escape From The Cold

Near freezing temperatures have several churches and community centers in the River Region opening their doors for those needing to escape the cold.

“I would not want to let my pet out there much less a human being” said Michelle Klein, an administrative assistant at Friendship Mission North.  This is the second time this year, the facility has served as a temporary warming station for women and children.

Shelters aren’t the only centers sharing the warmth. All city and county libraries and community centers in Montgomery will also be open as warming stations during the day. But as Juanita Owes, director of Montgomery City- County Public Library, explained the invitation is not limited to the homeless. “It could be a person who may be home who’s heat may be disconnected or a person that does not want to be home alone and want to come here to be around people” said Owes.

Service animals are welcome, and the library will offer story time and limited use of the library. “We’ll allow them to bring in their blankets or coffee or whatever they want to bring with them” said Owes.

Because of the winter weather threat the library will be staffed with only essential personnel.


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