Icy Conditions Improve Slightly, Officials Still Warn Drivers To Stay Off Roadways

Icy, slushy roads left behind from a winter blast  had even emergency personnel in Montgomery navigating with extreme caution.

Montgomery’s Mayor and Police Chief said crews had responded to dozens of accidents and pleading with drivers to stay off the roads until conditions had significantly improve.

“We are stretched to the limit, we cannot continue to try to get people off bridges and help them get down bridges off the interstate” said the Mayor Todd Strange.

With many roadways deemed impassible, several traveled anyway. “You can’t do it. You can’t drive it’s just straight ice out there… 30 miles an hour and you’re still going to slide off the road”  said Ken Neal, after traveling on highway 85 in Montgomery”.

In an effort to keep more drivers off of the road, the Mayor said there could be serious consequences ahead for those
in the way of emergency personnel trying to improve roadway conditions.

“It’s called impeding government operations” explained Strange, “and that’s one of the laws that we might have available to us and we’re not ready to invoke that yet, the EMA is suggesting that we do, but the chief will make that call”.

Patrol cars traveled highways Wednesday night flashing their lights as another reminder for drivers to excersise caution .





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