Alabama Ranks 13th In the Amount of Federal Aid

Louisiana gets the largest percentage...42.2%.

The Tax Foundation is out with a ranking of the states based on the amount of federal aid they receive. Alabama comes in 13th, receiving about a third (35.1%) of its budget from the Feds.

“States differ in the amount of federal aid they receive. The top recipient of federal aid in FY 2015 was Louisiana, which relied on federal assistance for 42.2 percent of its revenue. Other states heavily reliant on federal assistance include Mississippi (42.1 percent), Arizona (39.8 percent), Kentucky (39.5 percent), and New Mexico (39.3 percent). As we have previously noted, these states, and others that rely heavily on federal assistance, tend to have modest tax collections and a relatively large low-income population.”

See The Tax Foundation report HERE.




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