Greenville Police Department is on the Move

The boys in blue are gearing up for a major improvement that will help them better serve Camellia City residents

The Greenville Police headquarters is on the move.

The department has announced it will relocate to the corner of Caldwell and Adams Streets in downtown Greenville.

“A lot of good things about this new building,” said Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn about the impending move.

The building once housed Butler County’s Department of Human Resources which moved to a new facility next door.  Chief Lovvorn says the shuffle will make operations run smoother.

“We would be right there in the middle of town and could get anywhere in the city pretty much the same amount of time,” he said.

Accessibility is only part of the reason for the relocation.

“It also gives me a chance to increase different divisions,” said Chief Lovvorn. “I can expand the department in different areas and have room to do that with the additional office space down there.”

Currently the police department is in an old elementary school off West Commerce Street. Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon says the move makes economic sense.

“More than anything else it has to do with the cost of the building of remodeling one building that might cost as much as $250,000 to do everything we need to do to bring it up to standards or move into this one and it costs us probably 25, 30 maybe $35,000,” said Mayor McLendon.

Overall, city leaders say it will allow residents to better connect with the force, as well as bring more life to the downtown district.

“It would be easier to find I think and more centrally located for them,” said Chief Lovvorn.

“I think it helps downtown Greenville to and have police officers down there,” said Mayor McLendon.

The Greenville Police Department will officially relocate to the new building in March.

No word yet on what will become of the old elementary school. Mayor McLendon says it will be offered back to the Butler County School system. If they don’t want it, then McLendon says he has a few ideas.

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