“Faith in Action Alabama” Leaders Advocating at the State House

Leaders of “Faith in Action Alabama” are calling on change.

Chris Napier, a former prisoner is calling on people to stand behind him when it comes to making the process easier for formerly jailed people to get jobs.

“Twice the Mobile County personnel board denied me of a job due to my criminal conviction and I received a pardon in 2015,” says Napier.

Napier and others say the felon box on job applications should be removed.

“They’re child might be effected, they’re family members,” says Napier.

While the group says it’s not an advocate of marijuana, it is taking a stand on the decriminalization of possession of the drug up to one ounce.

“As a pastor for the last 27 years, I can tell you that in several points throughout those 27 years, I’ve had to deal with congregants-members of my church community who have found themselves ensnared in the criminal justice system because they were found to have less than a substantial amount of marijuana,” says Manuel Williams, Pastor of Resurrection Catholic Church.

Members are also calling on more people throughout the state to stand up for these issues and civil asset forfeiture.

“I see young men being counted out because of past mistakes, I see families losing valuable possessions instead of facts,” says Marvin Charles Lue Jr.

But what does it take for changes to be made?

“I that we can do a follow up and that they give all returning citizens jobs and justice,” says Napier.

“We will keep come back, you can’t just show up here once throughout the rest of the legislation session,” says Williams.

Faith in Action Alabama is a multi-faith, multi-racial organization with advocates throughout the state.



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