Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox Officially Qualifies for Governor’s Race

For the first time in years, things are looking up for Alabama Democrats after the victory of Senator Doug Jones and it is giving hope to Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox who has officially qualified for the governor’s race.

“In the end this is about what we’re going to bring to Alabama because as important as winning that senate seat was for alabama winning this governor’s race is more important,” says Maddox.

The long-time Tuscaloosa mayor says he is ready to tackle pressing issues throughout the state.

“We’re just going to work hard and make certain that we can touch as many people and talk to as many people and discuss with as many people the issues facing Alabama because if this is an issue oriented campaign, we win,” says Maddox.

Maddox is up against former Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb and former State Representative James Fields in the Democratic primary.

“You’re just going to have to work extremely hard and that’s what we plan on doing over the next 130 days until the primary and then the 280 plus days that we have until the general election,” says Maddox.

When it comes to taking on Governor Kay Ivey, Maddox says he is just focused on the primary for right now.

“I’m anxious to run against any of our Montgomery elects, either in the primary or in the general election,” says Maddox.

He says there are many systematic changes needed for Alabama and his efforts officially start now.

“This is probably the most important endeavor I’ve ever taken on,” says Maddox.

Right now there are four republicans running in Alabama’s governor’s race – Governor Kay Ivey, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, State Senator Bill Hightower, and Michael McAllister.


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