Pistol Permit Law Debated

A bill to get rid of concealed-carry pistol permits is gaining attention in the legislature.

The Firearms Law commission discussed the issue Wednesday.
The bill would allow for anyone to carry a pistol concealed without a permit.
However, there would still be background checks at the time of purchase.
Supporters say it’s their second amendment right to bear arms.
Opponents say it’s not good for public safety.

“The debate is, well the criminals are going to have a weapon anyway. They don’t have to get a license. So why should the law abiding citizens?” said State Rep. Allen Farley of  House District 15.

However, the Sheriff’s Association is against the bill.

“We believe primarily it is a safety concern. That’s what we feel like the issue is to our interpretation of what it would do,” said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Farley says he wants to get the bill on the ballot for the people to decide.

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