BIG Fish

12 Foot Bass Statue erected in Eufaula


Eufaula already has one big tourist draw…Lake Eufaula, a 45,000+ acre reservoir that attracts visitors from far away.

Now the city has installed a 12 foot statue of a bass


Eufaula Mayor Jack Tibbs:

“With social media as it is, the big fish will be a landmark that will draw people to our downtown,” Tibbs said. “This is a Thursday, and you see how busy downtown is. We want it to be that way every night. There are shops and restaurants here. They come downtown to get their picture taken with Manny and post it on social media. That’s great advertising, not only for the town but the lake also.”

Tibbs says the statue size is deliberate…to allow for tourist selfies:

“We didn’t want it too big,” Tibbs said. “We wanted people not to have to move too far back to get the fish and people in the picture. It’s the perfect size to take a picture, and you can see who’s in the picture. It’s only been up for a few days, and there’s no telling how many people have already taken pictures with it.”

The statue is HERE.


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