Future of Concordia College Alabama Uncertain

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Lingering financial challenges have left the future of Concordia College Alabama in Selma hanging in the balance.

Interim Transition Officer Dr. James Lyons says the school needs an investor if its going to continue operating beyond this school year.

Lyons says he’s been working with an investor from Taiwan who has shown some interest in taking over the college.

He says millions of dollars are needed to address ongoing financial issues at the institution.

“This is a real challenge for private institutions throughout the country,” said Lyons.

“If we can identify an investor, and there are people interested in this mission, but if we can identify someone and soon, we go forward. We not only survive but we thrive and that’s the challenge.”

Concordia College Alabama has about 100 employees and serves about 450 students.

The school was founded in 1922.

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