Pike Road Grade Reaction

System was handed a Grade of "C" on Thursday

Pike Road’s new school superintendent is Chuck Ledbetter. He says the “C” the system received was because it is so new they don’t have data yet for two criteria on which the schools were graded.

Today Ledbetter released s statement explaining:

Today, the Alabama State Department of Education released the letter grade report card scores for all school systems. Our score is a 78, C. I would like to point out a few things that as a stakeholder in Pike Road Schools you should consider.
These test scores are from last spring. We have had this test data since August and have used it to adjust our instruction in areas where we saw needs and to be certain that we are connecting instruction and learning to the standards our learners are accountable for knowing.
Because we did not have a graduating class last year, we do not have a graduation rate and a college and career readiness rate to figure in as part of the score. If we did, from looking at the rate of students on track to graduate and projecting what those scores would be, our system score would likely have been an 85, B.
Our assessment goal for Pike Road Schools is to be top 10 in the state on any assessment that is given to our learners. Given the high quality teaching, learning, and student engagement that I get to see in our classrooms, I am confident that we will achieve this goal, along with our most important goal of preparing our learners to be successful citizens of this community, state, and nation.

Chuck Ledbetter, Ed. D.


Pike Road is adding new grades each year and will have a full K-12 system in and graduate their first class of High School Seniors in 2020.

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