What Alabama Voters Want in Candidates as Elections Get Closer

From the governor’s race to members of the legislature, voters will cast their ballot on the candidates that they feel can lead Alabama.

One characteristic that some want to see in those candidates?

“I think people should be involved in church and religion,” says Linda Evans.

For some voters, church is the answer as they believe it has a big impact on the state.

“The corruption that we have today, is just really bad and that’s where I think religion comes into this,” says Evans.

Some are rooting for candidates that can change Alabama’s education system.

“Most definitely the change in direction of education, we have a “D” right now in Montgomery County. It’s not that great. We have quite a few schools on the failing list so that means a lot of children aren’t being taught correctly at all,” says Joe Pernell.

They say, funding for education is vital.

“I know last year there was funding removed from education and put towards prisons and I would also like to see that funding put back into education so that children can learn and have more things to do and basically be more hands on and they would be more interested,” says Pernell.

Voters say that all candidates should possess this one particular thing.

“To be honest is the main thing,” says Evans.

Qualifying for all state and federal candidates ends Friday, February 9th.

To view a list of all candidates that have qualified so far you can visit the following links:



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