Councilman Seeks Constituents’ Ideas and Votes on how to improve District

What would you do with 100 thousand dollars to improve your city?

That’s what one Montgomery city councilman is asking his constituents.
District 5 Councilman William Green held a meeting Monday night to get input from residents on how to use the city’s public funds.
It’s called “Participatory Budgeting.” The people come up with the projects, research them, and then get to vote on the best one.

“I think its really going to get people excited in my district to see what government can be. You know, a lot of times the politicians, they try to dictate to the individuals. I’m looking to the individuals to get involved and it’s a team effort and I want them to actually drive it and I’m going to fund it in the system,” said Green.

Green says he would like to have an idea from each neighborhood association in his district on how to improve the district.

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