City Treasurer Fired by Selma Mayor Reinstated by City Council

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The power struggle between the Mayor Darrio Melton and the Selma City Council over the city treasurer continues.

City treasurer Renita Wade was again reinstated by the city council after being terminated by the mayor for a second time.

The vote came after a due process hearing in the council chambers Tuesday afternoon.

Wade’s attorney, Julian McPhillips says the vote restores the city’s integrity.

“She made a great appearance today. Explained everything from her perspective. Course the mayor didn’t even show up. I don’t know if he were afraid or what. So, we won really by default,” said McPhillips.

“However, I think it’s a great day for the city of Selma. Not only is the integrity of Renita Wade restored but also the integrity of the city of Selma.”

Wade’s reinstatement is effective immediately.

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