Gubernatorial Candidate Sue Bell Cobb Proposes Alabama Lottery

Democratic candidate for governor Sue Bell Cobb has announced a proposal for a statewide education lottery. The issue has come up in political campaigns for decades but has never been approved.

Cobb says her “Lifelong Learner Lottery” would help fund three education programs.

She says some of the money would meet the needs of Kindergarten and K-4 programs. She says there are tens of thousands of Alabama children waiting on lists for a chance to enroll.

Second, she would use some lottery proceeds to invest in career tech education for high school students. Cobb says right now, the state is only providing 50% of the vocational training needed.

Cobb says the rest of the revenue would be used to fill the gap left by Pell Grants, so that those who qualify can attend two or four year school tuition-free.

Then-Gov. Don Siegelman ran successfully on a lottery platform in 1998. But Alabama voters defeated his proposed lottery in 1999.

Cobb is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor in the June 5 primary. She served as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court from 2007 until she resigned in 2011.  Qualifying for the June 5 primary ends on Friday, Feb. 9, but so far, she will face former State Rep. James Fields of Cullman County, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox and Dothan pastor Anthony White in the Democratic Primary.


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