Macon County Officials Continue to Wait for Bridge Repairs

The wet weather continues to be a cause for concern for the people of Macon County.

That’s because one of the county’s main bridges on Washington Avenue in Tuskegee was destroyed by flooding 2 years ago and still needs to be repaired.

“We have several hundred families that use this road daily. It has hampered their progress as far as travel because they have to take a detour,” says Macon County EMA Director Frank Lee.

That detour is putting people in Macon County at a disadvantage. More importantly first responders.

“If they are coming in from I-85 it’s going to send them down this road and they’re going to get here and there’s no bridge so there are going to have to turn around and find their way back to the other end,” says Commissioner Mike Berry.

Commissioner Mike Berry feels as though Macon County has been neglected considering that other counties have seen results in similar situations.

“We’ve been told this and told that, we the county commission has spent already on engineering thirty-two thousand dollars and that was just to have a study done to show how the bridge should be put back,” says Berry.

Officials say they have done everything they can do while also keeping the public informed on their efforts.

“We did have a visit last week from our state and federal partners and they ensured us as they have ensured us before that there will be some results but currently there have been none,” says Lee.

They say two years is unacceptable.

“I wish we could this done through FEMA and the state EMA and get people rolling again,” says Berry.

We reached out to state EMA officials who provided the following statement:

“We are actively working with Macon County officials to address the concerns from FEMA regarding the bridges. We understand the importance of the bridges to this community and we hope this matter is resolved soon.”



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