Interim Superintendent To Deliver “Aggressive” Academic And Financial Plans For MPS

We should find out Friday morning what’s next in the intervention of Montgomery Public Schools. That’s when Interim state superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson is expected to reveal the changes on the way to the school system.

Richardson has said that he will lay out his “aggressive” plan for the financial and academic changes for the Montgomery Public School System, though not much about MPS was discussed at Thursday’s board meeting or work session.

A few items on the agenda included alternative ways to earn an Alabama teacher certification even if you already have a bachelor’s degree in an area outside of teaching. The department also reviewed a digital literacy and computer science course that would incorporate skills such as coding and computer science into students curriculum.

Dr. Richardson did however comment on the 5 million dollars in cuts that MPS is still facing. He says that the total amount that the system needs to make improvements during this state intervention is over double that amount.

They have to meet the minimum of 18.8 million dollars. They are about 4 or 5 million short of that but in addition you’ve got to have a cushion if you’re going to make improvements so our goal is 22.6 million…so we’ve got to make up about 12 million bucks”

Richardson will speak at a press conference Friday morning at 10.


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