Metro Montgomery NAACP Brings Awareness to Kidney Disease

The NAACP is working with healthcare company, Baxter International Incorporation to help African Americans prevent kidney disease.

Saturday a  team of medical experts shared what they know about the dangers of kidney disease and offered options for dialysis treatment. They say it is needed in the African American community.

“Ninety-six percent of people with chronic kidney disease or just some renal insufficiency don’t know it. They don’t know it. Either the provider has failed to to notify them that their numbers are not where they should be or they have not visited a provider or had a specific test done,” says Dr. Shawona Daniel an assistant professor at the University of Alabama -Birmingham.

Saturday’s program informed people that diabetes can lead to kidney disease and to death.

“It’s a major killer in the African American population followed by Hispanics. Unfortunately African Americans have the highest level of diabetes conditions,” says Michael M. Townsend Sr.

Experts say it can cause a number of critical problems such as high amputation rates, heart condition issues, and blindness.


Speakers say, diet changes can be critical.

“With a lack of knowledge a person will perish but this lack of knowledge will also lead to death and the more awareness we can bring to the community the better quality life that we can offer,” says Rayford Mac, President of the Metro Montgomery NAACP branch.

“Nobody is going to care for you more than you care for yourself,” says Daniel.

You can find more information on the efforts of the NAACP and Baxter International Incorporation


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