Montgomery County Court to Offer Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

The Montgomery County District Court, along with the Montgomery County Circuit
Clerk’s Office, will offer an amnesty program for individuals who have outstanding arrest warrants for
certain traffic tickets. The program will be offered March 1-2, 20118. To qualify for the amnesty
program, an individual must meet the following criteria:
1. The traffic ticket(s) were adjudicated in Montgomery County District Court.
2. The traffic ticket(s) were due to be paid in full more than 60 days prior to March 1, 2018.
3. The individual either failed to appear in court, or failed to pay the ticket(s), and has an active
warrant for his/her arrest.
If an individual meets the criteria, he/she may pay one half (1/2) of the total amount owed on the
outstanding traffic ticket(s) on March 1-2, 2018, and the arrest warrant will be recalled. The individual
will then be given a payment plan and allowed six (6) weeks to pay the remaining balance in full.
Individuals will not be arrested upon full payment or the one half (1/2) payment of the total amount due
on March 1-2, 2018. However, failure to comply with the payment plan will result in the issuance of
arrest warrant.
For more information as to whether you qualify for the program, or the amount currently owed for any
traffic ticket(s) obtained in the Montgomery County District Court, please contact the Montgomery
County Circuit Clerk’s Office at (334)832-1260.

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