What’s in Store for Cloverdale?

The Cloverdale neighborhood is a sought after part of Montgomery, but recently some people have noticed a handful of businesses moving from one part of town.

Over the past year, popular restaurants Tomatinos and Café Louisa relocated from Fairview Avenue to Cloverdale Road.  Sinclair’s also closed, making way for Moe’s Barbecue.

“Well I think it’s probably just natural cycle of things and businesses,” explained Cloverdale resident Tim McKinney.

McKinney has lived in Cloverdale for 26 years and says this isn’t the first time he’s seen this happen.  He’s hopeful for what it could bring in the future.

This part of Cloverdale falls in the City Councilman Arch Lee’s District.

“Rumors and talks of a new restaurant coming in which would be good for the area,” shared Lee.

At nearby Huntingdon College 1100 students and more than 250 faculty and staff are very interested to see what will happen.

“They are customers and clients of businesses and restaurants and so forth that locate down there,” explained Su Ofe with Huntingdon College.

It’s more than just entertainment, Su Ofe with Huntingdon says it’s also employment opportunities for many students.

“They love their part time jobs within walking distance of the college, so we’re hoping for something that will keep this neighborhood vibrant,” Ofe shared.

We reached out to the property owner for more information but have not yet heard back.  Lee tells us Seville Salon will also be moving from Fairview.

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