Documentary Honoring Legacy of Local Musician Community

The third Tuesday of every month you can find musicians playing their original music at the Cloverdale Playhouse.

“A place to really put music you came up with that you believe in out in an area where people are actually paying to listen to that kind of music,” said musician Jonathan Tew.

It’s something musician Joe Thomas Junior started in 2012.
Unfortunately, 6 months later he and his wife were in a motorcycle crash.
Joe lost his life.
And his wife, Gini, lost her leg.
Throughout the years, there has also been another death in the tight knit community of musicians.
But the guitar pull never missed a performance.

“The best thing about it, it continues to engender and enhance the young singer songwriters in the region who also play with some of the veterans that come in,” said Greg Thornton, former Playhouse artistic director

That’s why it inspired Josh Carples to create a documentary about it, “Commit to the Song: the Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull.”

“Hearing the back story I began thinking this is interesting how the passion people have for music for the arts can even spawn and continue after they are gone,” said Josh Carples the film director.

To see the guitar pull flourish and now the documentary, Joe’s widow, Gini, has found it especially encouraging.

“For Josh to recognize it and make a whole documentary of how it came to be and tell Joe’s story… touching on another level. I’ve watched it ten times prior to this to try to prepare myself, and I still had to leave in the middle of it. It’s incredibly special and touching that someone would make a whole event out of this and Joe’s life and what he dedicated his life to,” said Gini.

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