Legislation To Allow Teachers to Carry Firearms

In the aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, leaders both nationally and locally are trying to find an answer to a growing problem.  Some say it’s tightening gun laws, while one Alabama lawmaker says arming teachers could be a part of the solution.

“Evil people are going to kill people, guns are not the problem, and the only way, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun,” explained Representative Will Ainsworth of Guntersville.

Representative Will Ainsworth says his legislation would allow teachers to carry firearms after receiving a minimum of 40 hours of Alabama Peace Officer’s Standards and Training, the training system used for law enforcement in the state.
Ainsworth says that 17 other states have similar legislation already, while ten states have pending legislation.

Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham says he’s open to the idea but thinks it could complicate things if armed teachers are unknown to law enforcement.

“With them being unmarked, unknown, yes that’s something that throws another question into the mix,” Cunningham shared.


Ainsworth says this is not mandatory and teachers would have to undergo a mental health evaluation.   The cost of the training would be covered by the state, the guns, however, would be personally owned and would need to be specifically approved.

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