Elmore Co. Authorities Set to Search for Missing Woman

Prosecutors say they have new evidence in the disappearance of an Eclectic woman who vanished nearly 20 years ago.

Thirty year old Traci Kegley was last seen with her two year old daughter driving to a Wetumpka convenience store on April 26th in 1998.

Police found her car on Old Georgia Road the next morning with her personal belongings and her unharmed daughter inside.

Elmore County authorities say they are using a search warrant to look for her body somewhere on a 300 acre plot of land.

They’re using everything from cadaver dogs to drones.

“We have approximately 20 law enforcement agencies are involved and we have several private companies that are involved,” said District Attorney Randall Houston.

“We have private companies that are helping or assisting us with mapping the area. They’re using drones. We’re using infra-red radar. We’re using high definition cameras.”

Steve Pittman is Traci Kegley’s father.

“We hope that we find her. That’s our hope is just to find her,” said Pittman.

“If we do this week, that’s fine. If we don’t, they’ll keep searching. Its not the end of it as long as we can keep it out there. Somebody in Elmore County knows something and hopefully they’ll come forward.”

The search warrant expires Saturday.

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